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Resistance and continuity since 1974

Our past is the foundation for a successful future

AIM -  For us everything revolves around your full satisfaction - since 1974


40-year anniversary


1974 - 2014

The company AIM looks back on 40 years of success.


WEST Industrie Service GmbH was separated as a fully independent company. The company remains in the hands of the family. Managing Director remain Christa and Martin Hubweber, MBA.


Re-establishment as AIM Technical Solutions GmbH.
Restructuring of the business segments.


Finishing of the renovation and adaptation work as well as redesign of the company site.

Formation of the subsidiary company "AIM Slovakia sro" and 50% involvement in the company ECO-Consult Environmental Technology KG.


The office building was expanded to two floors.


A new CNC laser and 2 folding machines are resumed in the new production hall.

The business segments of AIM included at this time 16 segments.

There were 4 other companies at our location in Timelkam:

West Industrie Service Ltd., Probig Ltd., ECO-Consult Environmental Technology KG and R & D Ltd.


Retirement of company founder Hermann Köppl after 31 years of AIM


1 May 2005 - handing over the company to Christa and Martin Hubweber, MBA

Foundation of the subsidiary West Industrie Service GmbH.

Change of the registered company name  - from "AIM Allgemeine Industrie-Montagen GmbH & Co KG" to  "AIM Anlagenbau und Industrie-Montagen GmbH".

Expansion of the production facility.


Retirement of Christine Köppl after 27 years of management at the side of Hermann Köppl


Son-in-law Martin Hubweber is entrusted with executive functions in the company.

Conferment of procuration.


20 years AIM


Move into the new office


Construction start of the office building and the social rooms on the 1st floor.

In April 1992, the first celebration for the new office building took place.


Expansion of the production hall on the south side

From December 1984 through March 1985, the existing production hall was extended from 710 m² to 1,120 m².


Relocation to Timelkam

The official relocation from Oberachmann to Timelkam was done

on 1 January 1979.


Construction phase

The new facilities are taken in operation in September 1978 after only a few months of construction.


Purchase of the property in Timelkam, Pichlwang.

01.12. 1974

The beginning:

Formation of the company AIM - Allgemeine Industrie-Montagen GmbH & Co KG by Hermann and Christine Köppl and Michael and Inge Gottschling.


For that moment the company specialized in industrial installations; later manufacturing and planning were added.