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Sustainability through innovation


Since four decades we have attached great importance to the field of ENVIRONMENT and DEVELOPMENT. Since the foundation we have been active in research sector and we have been able to contribute significantly to the realisation of potential ideas.


Years of RESEARCH and successful projects in our past made us declaring these segments to our special tasks. AIM Technical Solutions GmbH can point to a large number of successful projects. Core businesses like sewage treatment plant construction or recovery plant construction could SUSTAINABLE expanded.


We are pleased to present you our current projects in the following.

AIM - Research & Development

AIM - ANAStrip®


After 3 years of intense project planning we are very proud of having successfully constructed the worldwide first ANAStrip®-Plant in Halle, Germany.

AIM - ANAKlär®


The ANAStrip®-technology has already proved for nitrogen fertiliser production, therefore it will be adapted now for use in sewage treatment plants.